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Mission Statement

Our mission 150pxCrownhill Methodist Church welcomes everyone into our Fellowship. We aim, through our worship, Bible study, and prayer to grow closer to God and to bring others into a true relationship with Him. We seek to offer God's love made known in Jesus Christ. We are determined to show this love in action in our daily lives and fellowship, by reaching out into the community and recognising and responding to the needs of the wider world.

Minister's Message



 MESSAGE FROM THE MINISTER . So this is it , my final message. I just cannot believe the end is just round the corner , and what a way to finish ! Each church that I have had pastoral responsibility for has become like a home to me , where they were totally unfamiliar at the start , and now places where I have preached , presided and prayed . In other words , home . Places representing security , peace , warmth , love , comfort , belonging , hospitality , And quietness . I quite often spent time in the churches when I was alone , where I could sit and find sanctuary with God , just time to be still and allow the cares of ministry to slip away . While “ Lockdown “ has prevailed , of course my time in these precious homes has been not as frequent as before and I have come to realise that our material homes here on earth , are only temporary and in a heartbeat everything can change . This is something that we don’t seem to think about often , for our physical homes ( our bodies ) and our material homes ( our dwelling places ) are for a limited time only . I suppose I am more aware of this , due to the upheaval my husband and I are facing in the next couple of weeks . The house is in a state of turmoil , boxes everywhere , books overflowing and piles of belongings , all 36 years worth of marriage and making a home from Bristol , London and Plymouth and now N.Devon . We all value and care for our homes , they are God given of course ! But what really matters , and has come to reality during the last 3 months are spiritual treasures of righteousness ,Godliness , faith , love and right living . Things will not be important when we eventually get to Heaven , it is what we are that is of far more importance to God . Spreading the good news of the gospel and leading others to God by our own example , being rich and generous in good deeds . These are the treasures we need to be concerned with because they will last and will bring rewards in our heavenly home when we get there after this life is through . I know that for all of you , your church is extremely important , and you are looking forward to when you can come together as community and worship with each other . That day will be here before you know it . Also remember all you have learnt through this time , some of you have shared poetry , reflections , stories and tribulations with me . Maybe your church could put together a memory folder , a new banner , a time for poetry or drama , something which will be for ever a part of your church and remind the community of all we have learnt , been challenged with , reflected upon during the exile of 2020 . Thankyou for all your cards , e-mails , phone calls during the last 3 months . I will miss you and the places I have come to call home since 2015 . I pray Andy , Brenton and Anne will settle into Plymouth , and will look upon the churches as their new homes and the people called Methodist will welcome with open arms and hearts bursting with love. God’s blessings to you all , Reverend Donna


We have completed a risk assessment and now feel able to open the church for private, personal prayer for anyone who wishes to attend. 
We will start this on Thursday 2nd July between 10am and 11am as an experiment, and will adapt cautiously as appropriate in the future.
We can accommodate up to 30 people at a time, socially distanced, but must stress that you should not attend if you feel personally at risk, and certainly not if you are showing signs of having the virus, however mild. 
We advise you to wear a face mask, and you will be asked to use sanitiser on entry and exit.
Please bring your own pen to sign in - we need to keep a record of all attendees.
If you need to use the toilet, please use a disinfectant wipe (provided) to clean surfaces after use.
There will be no refreshments offered, but you are welcome to bring your own water, etc.

Currently, all services and activities are suspended.

Please note that streamed services will be available online and there are printed acts of worship on the Methodist church website.


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