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Mission Statement

Our mission 150pxCrownhill Methodist Church welcomes everyone into our Fellowship. We aim, through our worship, Bible study, and prayer to grow closer to God and to bring others into a true relationship with Him. We seek to offer God's love made known in Jesus Christ. We are determined to show this love in action in our daily lives and fellowship, by reaching out into the community and recognising and responding to the needs of the wider world.

Minister’s Letter June 2024

Dear friends

What a difference we feel in the changing of the seasons. Warmer weather, longer days. You can feel the difference in people’s moods, can’t you? It’s not just the weather that is more sunny, but it seems people are more likely to be of sunny disposition that this time of the year.

Change is all around us. It always is.

Yet we struggle with change in other areas of life, not least church life. Church, and the way we “do church” has been fairly constant for decades if not centuries, with minor changes like the kind of music we sing and the language we use.

As a circuit we are at a time of change, and with that change comes both challenge and opportunity.

The challenge may be hard, and we will all find some aspects of change uncomfortable. This is normal. It is part of following Jesus. It always has been. It was never going to be easy.

“Take up your cross” said Jesus, “and follow me.”  His example he calls us to follow was this: He gave up everything for us. Is there anything we would not give for him?  That is our challenge!

So as we continue on this journey to discover what it means to be a circuit with “hub” churches, and what that might mean for “my” congregation, let us not forget that it never was “my” congregation but the Lord’s.

Then let us follow!  Let us pray earnestly to discern the leading of Christ, the prompting of the Holy Spirit, the will of the Father. Let us together in the Unity of the Three-in-One take each step, one step at a time, one day at a time, in the sure and certain knowledge that as we walk in faith, God is with us. And God is good.

And where the will of God reigns, there is life, and life in abundance.

“The light shines in the darkness, and the darkness has not overcome it” (John 1: 5).

The peace of God be with you,



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