Crownhill MC Masthead 1200x250v3

The Rose Window

The theme of the window is based on St. John's Gospel chapter 20. The disciples had gathered together in the Upper Room in some despair as the apparently disastrous events of the previous days dominated their conversation. Jesus had been arrested, subjected to a travesty of a trial and was led out wearing a mocking purple robe to face the Cross on Calvary. All had seemed lost but the promise of Jesus had been fulfilled when He appeared to the faithful gathering. Jesus said, "Peace be with you" and showed them the scars on his hands and side. He then promised them the power of the Holy Spirit, commissioned them to go out into the world with the message of His saving & transforming love.

The Cross comprises the four quadrants of the orb which represents the world. The symbol used by the Methodist Church. This is the focal point of the design and is surrounded by the crown of thorns representing the agony of the Cross. Drops of blood form the jewels in the Crown. Breaking through the pain of the thorns are the flames of the Holy Spirit, consuming them and flooding out into the darkness of the world. A hint of the robe is shown in the purple outer colours. When we approach the Table we are faced with the stark reality of the Cross. We kneel to receive forgiveness through His body and blood. As we rise we can lift our eyes to the victory of His Cross, be empowered by His Spirit and challenged to mission in a needy world. FB.

Designed and produced by: Francis Bush. ARIBA 1934 - 2002. A valued friend and a loyal member of this church.