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How We Behave

We understand that believing in God affects us both individually and corporately as a church.

Our individual response can be summed up in a part of the Bible known as the letter to the Ephesians. In chapter 5 we are encouraged to:

  • Get a life of being loved (we are God's dearly loved children)
  • Get a life of being love (involving service, sacrifice and not being self centred)
  • Get a life of pure lips (No obscenity, no foolish talk, no coarse joking but lots of thanksgiving)
  • Get a life as living as children of the light (having a was/now comparison, seeing the difference being a Christian makes — a new life of goodness and truth)
  • Get a life of learning (Find out what pleases the Lord, expose deeds of darkness and let Christ shine on and through you)
  • Get a life that has learnt (To take opportunities, knowing a Spirit filled life is better than an earthly filled life. Speak and sing God's praises. Say thank you for God's grace. Support and submit to one another)

Another book in the Bible records the beginning of the church. It's called the Acts of the Apostles and in Chapter 2 we see a good role model for the church today.

Their lifestyle was expressed in 5 ways:

  1. Witness — they devoted themselves to the apostles' teaching, to the breaking of bread and to prayer
  2. Wonders - miracles occurred that encouraged and amazed everyone
  3. Wallet — they sold their possessions and goods and gave to those in need
  4. Walk — Every day they enjoyed meeting in the temple and in each other's homes
  5. Worship — They couldn't stop praising God for all his goodness!