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What We Believe

The Methodist Church is quite broad in its outlook whilst holding an orthodox view of Christianity.

Here are some of our beliefs.

The Trinity We believe in one God who is a trinity of Father, Son and Holy Spirit.

God the Father God created the universe.

God loves everyone unconditionally.

Human beings can get to know God through prayer and worship and can experience Him through having an intimate relationship where we know Him personally.

God the Son God lived on earth as Jesus. Whilst on earth Jesus was both fully God and fully man.

Jesus was born to Mary but conceived of the Holy Spirit. Jesus was subject to pain, suffering and sorrow like other human beings. Jesus was executed by crucifixion but rose from the dead at the resurrection. Jesus died on the cross so that those who believe in him will be forgiven of their sins and have an assurance of spending eternity with Him in heaven. The life of Jesus provides teaching and an example of how God wants us to live.

God the Holy Spirit Jesus promised to send the Holy Spirit to teach, inspire and empower. The Holy Spirit continues today in his role of guiding, comforting and encouraging Christians.

We value the opportunity to meet together to study the Bible and help each other to grow and deepen our understanding of our Heavenly Father. We aim to celebrate His love, grace and mercy as He touches our lives in a living relationship with Him.