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Half Hour Devotional-currently suspended

Currently suspended. This is a bit like a cross between a Bible Study and a short mid-week service. It is every Thursday in the church at
10.00 am for half an hour or so.  I lead the meeting except when I'm away, when Tony and other people lend a hand.

We have been going successfully now for a number of years and currently our numbers have been up to 18. After a hymn, prayers and a reading I lead our thoughts on a subject and folk are encouraged to join in. They do and we often go over the half an hour planned time!

I prepare a theme in advance for three or four weeks and let every one have a copy. 









You may be interested in Peter's latest book, recently published, 

"The Natural History of the Bible" (John Beaufoy Publications £19.99)

It is a companion volume to his "Birds of the Bible" & "Flora and Fauna of the Bible" ( same publisher) which were highly recommended by "The Methodist Recorder".

It's a rewrite but if you have the single volumes you won't need this one! A friend might  ........ 





 We look forward to your company.