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Brikama Methodist Mission, The Gambia

In 2008 my wife and I visited the Gambia in West Africa for a holiday. From the guidebook we were given on arrival we read about The Methodist Jam Factory at Brikama!

We couldn't resist going there by tourist taxi, unannounced. We were greeted by the manager of the agricultural project who introduced us to the Mission compound and the jam factory lady, the Nurse in charge of 5 village clinics, the church and the primary school of nearly 300 children! On our return we showed the church a video of our trip. The Church Council agreed we should support the medical work for five years. This year is the sixth! We review our giving each year now.
After Harvest Festival we have sent £3000 each year and twice have been told that our gift has saved the medical fund from going into the red. We have also raised the £1000 to completely renovate the clinic buildings in the isolated village of Jiboro near the southern border with Senegal, and have sent to Jiboro nearly 400 mosquito nets. So far six members from church have visited the Mission. The photos below show Jiboro clinic with its new roof, windows and doors, and the patients and staff (just nurses, no doctor), all July 2015. It shows well where our money goes!



Jiboro Clinic